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Welcome to Therril

This is a world of Magic, adventure, intrigue, lost ruins and conflict an adventurers life in this place is both common and usually short. but for those willing to brave the deepest and darkest halls lie great riches and unknown magic to be discovered.

What follows is some basic information anyone who grew up here should know. while everything here is common knowledge it is by far not all the knowledge out there, nor is it always true in the end, adventurers consistently make discoveries that change what we know of the world. Let me be clear; if you as a player have an idea for a character that maybe doesn’t 100% conform to something that is said here about either your race or class or anything like that, let me know an i may not only let you play but change a portion of the world or add it into the history. this is meant to be a jumping point for a collaborative project between me and my players. don’t be shy and help me fill out the world

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Main Page

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