House Rules

This is an OOG section for listing and explaining house rules for the campaign.


first below you will find the cliff notes for active rules in the campaign, house rulles will be listed below that


any Paizo book, the Masterwork tools pathfinder APP for android is a great resource, otherwise finding torrents for the books you will need is a good idea since i just found that it is coming out there is a "occult book that works with psonics, this will not be used, or even considered till i have a chance to look it over entirely


Background traits
Words of power (this will be a DM approval thing as i will mostly be using it for story purposes.)
Ritual magic (i will be stealing this system from 5e as it is something i really like from that system)
Long/Short rest (stolen from 5E, see addtional post for explanation)


Evil races (drow, goblins, orcs etc.) that is not to say i wont allow them just that you will need to work far harder for me to allow it… like four page back story, and why/how you where not killed in the first town you entered. if there is a race you like but cant find i can also try to convert most 3.5 races as well


Gunslinger (no exceptions);
Cavaliers i have a change to make… IE they will no longer use a horse.


The character must work in a group
The character must be fun for the player and the rest of the party
The character must be good at heart
The character must have a reason to go adventuring
The character must fit the campaign style
The character must have long term goals
The player must be able to actually play the character


your background must be at least two pages, and must include at least one other character, if someone pick you for their character you can not pick them too. this is to ensure that everyone ends up with 2 connections minimal. connections may be in any form, from traveled together, to siblings, to disliking someone. i will not tolerate PvP in this game, see first etiquette rule.

Short rest
Crafting of starting items

House Rules

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